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We work closely with marketplace businesses to generate large-scale data models, simulations and predictions. We do this using both their internal and relevant external data. Reallm makes marketplaces aware of where, when and how they can balance their marketplace.
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Reallm locates areas where your supply and demand is out of balance. Using identifiers like increased refund rate and reduced conversion rate.
Reallm surfaces the relevant metrics at the right time. This means you can make faster decisions to balance your marketplace and increase your marketplace liquidity.
This is not just hypothetical. Reallm provides relevant insights to the relevant teams at opportune times. For example, we will let the BD team know the best places to onboard new suppliers or engage current suppliers for best return on investment.
Reallm connects directly to your database or via CSV upload. All data is protected using differential privacy techniques and is fully GDPR-compliant.
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Entrepreneur First (EF) is the world’s leading talent investor. So far, they have created 200+ companies, worth a combined $1.5bn.
SFC is an award-winning Seed Enterprise Investment fund and network of Business Angels. Early investors in companies such as Onfido and HiyaCar.
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