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We optimise marketplace operations using
probabilistic Machine Learning and Stochastic Control.
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Marketplace liquidity

Portfolio optimisation

Rebalancing recommendations

Supply-side engagement

Supplier reports and recommendations

Loyalty programs and Tokenomics

Removing headaches from supplier
negotiations at Secret Escapes.
Within this project, we’ve built an ML-based infrastructure to forecast the number of bookings each hotel would get each season considering price, availability and amenities.

Having this infrastructure in place allowed us to generate personalised recommendations that could be then embedded and delivered through PDF reports containing competitive information for every hotel.
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Maleka, Contracting Management

“The reports are really interesting both for hotels and also for us when negotiating.”

Simone, Sales Manager Hotels DACH

“Thanks for your great reports, it’s good to have something to forward to our suppliers and of course have for our own reporting.”

Barbara, Director of Contracting Central Europe

“Many thanks for the reports and I hope you had a great start into the new year - hopefully a bit less crazy than the previous one :) Fingers crossed our reports are packed with higher numbers again soon - hotels really love them.”
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